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Helidays 2002 at Weston-super-Mare
The Biggest Public Helicopter Show in Europe in 2002.
Held on Beach Lawns, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK.
26th, 27th and 28th July 2002.
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Belgian Army Alouette 2 - Click to enlarge

Bell 47G-5 - Click to enlarge

Bell 206B JetRanger 2 - Click to enlarge
Belgian Army SA318C Alouette 2, serial A80, is powered by one 450 shp Turbomeca Artouste II turboshaft. Thanks to Rod Holloway for this photograph. Bell 47G-5, G-BAXS, a 2-seat         version of the 47G-4, is based at Fairoaks, near Woking, and is powered by one 260 hp Lycoming VO-540-B1B3 engine. Bell 206B JetRanger 2, G-RAMY, 5-seater powered by one 420 shp Allison 250-C20 turboshaft. Thanks to Rod Holloway for this photograph.
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Hughes 369HS - Click to Enlarge Bo.105M  -  Click to enlarge Enstrom 280 Shark - Click to enlarge
Hughes 369HS, G-ORRR, from Cirencester, c/n 1140673S, has the 420 shp Allison 250-C20B engine fitted to give improved hot/high altitude performance. German Army HFS-400 Bö.105M Ser.80+93 light observation and liaison helicopter. Powered by two Allison 250-C20B turboshafts, each of 420 shp. Enstrom 280 Shark, G-SHAA, c/n 1011, piloted by Chris Whitehead, lands alongside Nick Bailey's Scout. G-SHAA has one Lycoming HIO-360-C1B engine.

Flight Simulator R22 - Click to enlarge

This Flight Simulator, based on a Robinson R22 Beta, was shown by Ben Cope of Bug Developments. Its prime function is to give a simple and firsthand experience of how a helicopter functions and flies
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