Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Series 3,?G-ANJV/VR-BET, a source for spares.
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Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Series 3, G-ANJV, c/n WA/24, was built in 1954 as a Series 1 machine (below) and flew in Antarctica, fitted with removeable flotation gear, on whale-spotting duties for the Salvesen whaling fleets. At one stage G-ANJV is reported to have been flown by Alan Bristow who subsequently bought it in 1962, with two other Salvesen Whirlwinds, for Bristow Helicopters.

It was eventually returned to the UK, and converted to the Series 3 specification with a Rolls-Royce Gnome H1000 Mk.501 turboshaft engine. By 1963 G-ANJV was operating intensively from Das Island, in the southern Persian Gulf, supporting the construction of oil wellheads for Abu Dhabi Marine Enterprises Ltd. For safety reasons it was again fitted with floats in place of the conventional landing gear.

In 1974 G-ANJV was re-registered as VR-BET, and flown for Helicopter Rentals (Bermuda) Ltd.

Three years later, in 1977, it was re-registered as G-ANJV. It was shipped to The Helicopter Museum in 1981 but is unlikely to be restored for display.
Please note that, for safety reasons, this helicopter is not normally on display for visitors.
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