Westland Lynx AH.Mk1, G-LYNX/ZB500, still holds the Absolute World Speed
 Record, for Rotorcraft, of 400.87 kph (249.10 mph).

Westland Lynx AH.Mk1 G-LYNX

Back to RIAT entrants G-LYNX was fitted with a WG-30 tailplane for the World Speed Record bid but this was removed subsequently. On 13th October 2007 G-LYNX/ZB500 travelled back to Yeovil to be restored, by apprentices. to its record-breaking configuration and colour scheme. It was hoped that the work would be completed and G-LYNX returned to The Museum in May 2011 but, on completion, it was transferred directly to RNAS Yeovilton for display at the Yeovilton Air Day on 9th July 2011 before despatch to The Helicopter Museum.

In January 2010 the BBC chose G-LYNX to be part of its ambitious new radio project "A History Of the World".