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Bensen B-8M Gyrocopter G-BIGP

Bensen B-8M gyrocopter, G-BIGP, Serial No. PFA G/01-1005, was delivered to The Helicopter Museum on 10th May 2008. It was built from a 1500 kit by Richard Cooper, living near Shrewsbury in the UK, assisted by John Whittle.

It was first registered in October 1980 and flown from a local private site. By 1995 it had accumulated 204 hours of flying and. with its C. of A. permit expiring in 1997, it was grounded and put into storage until it was donated to The Museum in 2008.

The machine is fitted with the customary single McCulloch 0-100-1 flat-four, 72hp, two-stroke engine and with the jump take-off (pre-rotator) option.

The photograph (above left), showing the varnished, solid wood, pusher propeller, was taken soon after the arrival of G-BIGP at The Museum. There was evident impact damage to the leading edges, near the tips, and it was decided that an included spare, painted, laminated wood propeller should be fitted instead. Several spare parts for the McCulloch engine were also included in the donation.
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