Friends of The Helicopter Museum

The Friends' Bulletin

The 'Bulletin' was a quarterly newsletter mailed to each Member of the Friends of The Helicopter Museum.

Publication of the Bulletin

In 2009 we welcomed Barbara Pearson as our new Bulletin editor and the 28th and 29th issues, which she produced, were much appreciated by all our Members. Unfortunately Barbara had to resign from the editorial job, for family reasons. 

Dave Wallace, our Chairman, meanwhile, produced the 30th, 31st, 32nd and 33rd issues himself.

We know that many members relied entirely on the Bulletin for news of the Friends and of The Museum itself, and that hopes for its revival continued to be a major incentive to remaining a Member.

In previous Bulletins, members were able to read about :--

* News of current and completed restoration and conservation projects carried out by Volunteers at the Museum, including the Wasp (XT443), the two Belvederes (XG452 & XG462) and the Whirlwind (XD163).

* Current and future happenings at the Museum which might be of interest to Friends.

* Activities of model-makers, news of forthcoming kits and dates of some model shows and exhibitions.

* Opportunities for members to raise funds for the Museum and to help at events like 'Weston Helidays'.

* A free competition for members to build a flying model helicopter, with plans available.

* A photographic competition for Members and Volunteers.

* The 'Friends Task Force' and news of 'Work-In Weekends' at the Museum.

* Reports and pictures of the annual Helidays on Beach Lawns, Weston-super-Mare.

* Special offer of old stock at the Museum shop.

Photographs of the last Beach Lawns Helidays appear on the 2010 Gallery.
Mini-Helidays 2011 is featured on the 2011 Helidays Gallery