Friends of The Helicopter Museum

Flying Visitors to The Museum in 2001/2002

EH-101 Merlin HC3, ZJ132 - Click to enlarge
Royal Air Force EH-101 Merlin HC3, ZJ132, comes in to land at the Museum Heliport on 28th September 2002. The Merlin, from No.28 (Army Co-operation) Squadron, RAF Benson, brought 12 tired troops back from exercises to have a wash, a cup of tea and a quick look at The Museum before continuing their flight. Click to enlarge
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The crew of Westland-Bell 47G-3B1, G-BFYI, c/n WA/326, flying from Gloucestershire, made a lunchtime visit to The Museum on 5th October 2002 before returning. G-BFYI started life as Yeovil-built military Sioux AH.1, XT167. Click to enlarge.


Mr.P.Barnard's Robinson R.44 Clipper, G-PBEE c/n 0829, flew in from Gloucestershire to visit The Helicopter Museum for three hours on 18th September 2002.Click to enlarge.
AS355-F1 Twin Squirrel, G-CPOL, c/n 5007, landed at the Museum at lunchtime on 14th September 2002, after flying in from Filton, for the crew to explore the exhibits. G-CPOL was, until May 2002, a police helicopter with the Chiltern Air Support Unit.Click to enlarge.
Lynx XZ237 - Click to Enlarge
On 4th September 2002 Royal Navy Lynx HAS3S, XZ237, from Yeovilton, takes off from the Museum Heliport, after collecting an empty cardboard box, and heads for Shawbury during an exercise to simulate the transfer of a live kidney for transplant. Enlarge
Robinson R.44 Raven, c/n 1201, G-MAMK, visited The Museum for a couple of hours, on 17th August 2002 before returning  to Wolverhampton Airport. Click to enlarge.
Bell 222, G-NOIR, c/n 47031, performs an immaculate landing at the Museum, in a gusty wind. It brought HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York, to declare open the Museum's new Exhibition Hangar on Monday 24th June 2002. See Royal Visit 2002 .
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Robinson R.22 Beta,  G-OHFT,  c/n 1040,  lifts off from the Museum heliport and heads for Gloucester after a short visit on 4th May 2002.
Grass grows strongly on the Museum heliport to greet Peter Turner's Bell 206B JetRanger III, G-HEBE c/n 3745 visiting on 1st June 2002, en route to Gloucestershire. Click to enlarge.

Eurocopter AS.350B-2, Ecureuil G-SCHI, from Gloucestershire, landing for a visit to The Museum on 22nd December 2001 at 1400, with the sun already low in the sky..

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