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Weston Helidays Gallery 2007

Belgian Air Force Sea King Mk.48, RS-05
A Sea Front Air Display, in Weston-super-Mare, on Thursday 26th July 2007 was the prelude to International Helidays, a helicopter fly-in and public entertainment, on Beach Lawns, which continued until Sunday 29th July. One of the first helicopters to display, as the sun started to break through the rain clouds, was a Belgian Air Force Westland Sea King Mk.48, RS-05, from 40 Squadron at Koksijde, still with its 25th Anniversary colour scheme.
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German Navy Sea King HAS.41 flies right to left along the shoreline. German Navy Super Lynx Mk.88A approaching Beach Lawns Nine Red Arrows almost invisible in rain clouds
German Navy Sea King HAS.41, 89+57, from Kiel, flew a few circuits over Weston Bay. German Navy Westland Super Lynx Mk.88A, 83+21, arriving at Beach Lawns as rain slackens. The RAF 'Red Arrows' display was in poor and deteriorating visibility, on Thursday morning.
SE313B Alouette II, N297CJ Luftwaffe Bell UH-1D Iroquois, serial 71+07 Bell 47G-5, G-BAXS
SNCA SE313B Alouette II, N297CJ, flew in from Redhill on Friday afternoon. German Air Force Bell UH-1D Iroquois, 71+07, LTG63, transport and SAR helicopter. Landing on Beach Lawns, on Friday, is Bell 47G-5, G-BAXS, owned by RK Helicopters.
Italian Air Force HH-3F Pelican Hughes 369HS, G-GASC SA-330E Pume HC.1, XW226
Italian Air Force SAR HH-3F Pelican, MM8097515-02, in its 30th anniversary scheme, flew to the UK from Pratica di Mare. A Saturday arrival was Hughes 369HS, G-GASC, owned by Tony Richardson of Cheshire and built in 1970. RAF SA-330E Puma HC.1, XW226, from 230 Squadron at Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. Built by Westland in 1972.
German Navy Lynx Mk.88A, 83+21 SA-341C Gazelle HT.2, G-CBGZ, at Weston Helidays Belgian Air Force Westland Sea King Mk.48, RS-05, at Weston Helidays
German Navy Westland Super Lynx Mk.88A, 83+21. Though based at Nordholz it is regularly assigned to a frigate. SA.341C Gazelle HT.2, G-CBGZ, built by Westland in 1982 and  went on to the civil register in 2001 having served as ZB646. Another view of the Belgian Air Force Westland Sea King Mk48, RS-05, on Saturday. The type may be replaced by the NH-90.
Bug Mk.3 at Weston Helidays Schweizer 269C, G-WHRL, leaves Weston Helidays Italian AF HH-3F Pelican, MM8098515-14
Ben Cope's experimental 'Bug' Mk.3 was shown as a platform for the patented 'ring rotor', which awaits sponsor finance. Mark Gardiner's Schweizer 269C G-WHRL, makes a spirited departure from Beach Lawns on Sunday. Built in 1990. The  Italian Air Force, second HH-3F Pelican, MM8097515-14, from 15 Stormo, left on Sunday in a seaside flypast with -02.
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