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Re-assembly of the Polish Mi-8P, 618.

Assembly work on 618, in March 2010, included checks on the opening rear clamshell doors (above left) and the central, downward-hinged, passenger airstairs. The cabin interior was cleared, apart from the seating units (above centre) and the external fuel tanks were refitted. The cabin heater unit was installed forward of the starboard fuel tank (above right).
The main gearbox, which had been re-installed on arrival, was thoroughly cleaned and refurbished later in 2010   The tail rotor pylon was refitted in mid-October 2010, closely followed  by the two horizontal stabilisers.   On 13th November 2010 the three tail rotor blades were hoisted into position and attached to the rotorhead.
On 9th April 2011, 618 was pushed out into the sparkling spring sunshine to allow the swashplate assembly (above centre) and the main rotor head (above right) to be lowered  onto the main gearbox drive shaft spline which had been cleaned and lightly greased (above left). The pitch control linkages were then replaced.


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