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In October 2005 the inside of the fin and fixed rudder assembly was carefully cleared of corrosion, then primed and painted. In the rear engine compartment, in October 2005, looking up into the rear pylon, it was seen that there was a little minor corrosion.
The a.c. and d.c. generators were installed forward of the intermediate gearbox, the fin and rear rotor pylon, in March 2006. The enclosed oil cooler is mounted forward of the generators and an auxiliary gearbox, but receives a straight-through drive.



One of the more enjoyable aspects of working at The Helicopter Museum, is the occasional opportunity to listen to visitors who tell us about their memories, or experiences, of the helicopters which are being restored and exhibited. It almost brings the machinery to life.
  Peter Wilson (left) and Charles 'Sox' Hosegood at The Helicopter Museum in August 2004. Sadly, Peter Wilson died in January 2010 and 'Sox' Hosegood on 17th February 2014.  

Two of the early Bristol Helicopters test-pilots, Charles "Sox" Hosegood and Peter Wilson, visited The Museum on 3rd August 2004 to inspect restoration progress and to talk about the development of the Sycamore and the Belvedere. "Sox" Hosegood was the first to fly a Belvedere, XG447, in 1957 and displayed it at the Farnborough show in 1958. Peter Wilson also played a major role in the development of the Sycamore before moving on to test flying of the Bristol 173 and the Belvedere.

Since this web site was started, in 2001, several people have e-mailed us with their own Belvedere memories, which now appear on a special "Belvedere Memories" page. More of such memories of the Belvedere, or of any of the Museum's helicopters, would be welcomed and published, though only with the permission and approval of the contributor.


In December 2006 work was in progress on the top of XG452's rear fin/pylon, to prepare for eventual installation of the rear rotor gearbox and rotor hub.
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