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Gazelle Engine Refurbished Rotorhead
The single Napier Gazelle engine, mounted in the nose (above left), was cleaned and refurbished in 2009. Removal was not thought to be necessary. The rotor head and main gearbox (above right), which had been removed in 2008, were thoroughly cleaned and then repainted.
Deck awaits Engine Refit Doppler Console in Cabin
After the gearbox and rotor head had been lifted off, the deck was cleaned and repainted (above left). Thorough cleaning and replacement of bearing components ensured that the head could turn freely. The oil cooler, other deck-mounted components and hydraulic pipe work, which had been removed in 2008, were cleaned and replaced. Unfortunately, while this refurbishment was being carried out in 2009, the Museum's veteran Coles crane had been declared unsafe to use and this resulted in a long delay to the replacement of gearbox and rotor head onto the deck. While suitable lifting equipment was sought the re-assembly of the surviving cabin ASW Doppler equipment (above right) was brought forward and the cabling was re-fitted.
Rotorhead/Gearbox lowered onto Wessex Deck Main Gearbox was Bolted onto The Deck
Wide Angle View of the Crane in Action Crane Supports Rotorhead and Main Gearbox
In early 2010 Lee Mills, Museum General Manager, became aware of an opportunity to host a demonstration of the MAEDA MC305-2 mini crawler crane which was available from the nearby branch of Kranlyft UK. This offered the long-awaited chance to lift the refurbished gearbox and rotor head back onto the transmission deck of XM328, almost two years after its removal. The work was carried out, with impressive ease and efficiency, on 7th April 2010.
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