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Whirlwind XD163 Restoration - The Sixth 8 Months

Re-painting of the cabin forward bulkhead was nearly complete in November 2006. On 4th November 2006 Stuart was practicing his stencil skills on XD163's tail boom.
By early December 2006 the canopy's removeable side panels were fitted, after re-glazing. Mike Reading and Mike Jarvis were re-glazing the cockpit roof on 6th January 2007.
The roof-mounted monorail (above left), after removal from XD163's cabin, was being cleaned, in January 2007, and prepared for re-painting. The monorail was intended to provide static line anchorages for up to six paratroops. Refurbishment of the two jump lights, green and red, and a klaxon, mounted above the cabin door (above right), was nearly finished.
In early February 2007 the restored ex-Navy winch was bolted to the fuselage, above the cabin door, and the hydraulics were connected. On 17th February 2007 the left and right sliding windows were installed, initially with some difficulty due to slight distortion of the canopy.
It was always thought that there was corrosion in the under-fuselage fuel pipe fairings, their fasteners and their rivets. This was confirmed when the fairings were examined more closely. On 28th February 2007 work commenced on removal of the under-fairings and covers, which were all then treated for corrosion or completely replaced with locally manufactured replicas.
Two of the fuel pipe cover panels were repaired, treated for corrosion and repainted by May 2007. Meanwhile, on 9th June, the finishing touches were being applied to the cabin interior.
On 9th June 2007 Stuart and Mike were replacing the newly painted under-fuselage fuel pipe fairings.
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