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Westland Wessex Series 60, G-AVNE, Restoration Page 4

In November 2009 the repaired rear transmission platform was painted and prepared (above left) for the refurbished tail rotor control servo assembly to be re-fitted on the port side (above right) in January 2010.
All corrosion was removed from the rotor brake assembly before it was painted and mounted on the new section of the rear transmission deck later in January 2010.
The replacement cockpit canopy, which had been in storage, was cleaned, masked and primed (above left) by the end of February 2010. After a final coat of blue paint had been applied, a Maeda mini crawler crane became available at short notice, on 7th April 2010. Before the canopy could be hoisted into place the refurbished instrument panel was lowered into position (above right) and partially installed by Mike and Stuart.
Minutes after installation of the instrument panel, on 7th April 2010, the cockpit canopy was raised, swung round and carefully lowered onto its fixing points. Once in place it took some time to position correctly due to slight dimensional differences.
One of the two auxiliary fuel tanks, situated behind the cabin rear bulkhead and above floor level, was cleared of corrosion and repainted in April 2010. A month later, on 29th May 2010, Stuart was preparing to replace the fibreglass louvred fairing above the tail rotor blade control servo and rear transmission deck.
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