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Westland Wessex 60, G-AVNE, Restoration Page 5

Most of the extensive corrosion found on G-AVNE's cabin interior had been treated by the end of 2009 and painting was under way (above left) in June 2010. In mid-October 2010 Stuart (above right) was touching up the paintwork on the transmission deck ventilated fairing panels.
Team Leader Mike Reading (above) prepared to install the centralised warning indicator module in G-AVNE's cockpit instrument panel on 13th November 2010.   On a sparkling spring day in April 2011 the tail pylon was taken out of the hangar to be hosed down and cleaned  (above) before inspection for corrosion.
Work on G-AVNE's tail pylon continued through Summer 2011, with several areas of minor to severe corrosion to be tackled. In some cases the affected panels had to be patched (above left), or replaced, before being primed and repainted.  Mike Reading started cleaning the air intake particle separator swirl tubes in G-AVNE's nose door on
15th October 2011.
Photographed on 12 November 2011 when work was in progress to refurbish the pilot steps on the port side of
G-AVNE where corrosion had taken hold.
On 14th January 2012 G-AVNE's, partially restored, folding tail rotor pylon was hoisted upright and positioned to be reunited with the hinges on the rear end of the tail cone.
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